Matches Editor (Advanced)

Hit Save to send to viewer window.
Go to the Users/Qualifier Editor if you need to add a player for the drop-down.
If this is your first time, you can use the Simple Match Editor until you outgrow it.
You can switch between the two match editors at any time without losing data.

The "Clear Current Match" button deletes match #1 and pushes the rest up by one (same as the simple editor) with auto-save.
The "Add Match" button lets you add unlimited off-screen matches to edit the details of.
The "Swap Up/Down" buttons will swap the selected match with the one above/below it.
The "Delete" buttons will remove off-screen matches created with the "Add Match" button.

All Matches

  1. : VS * Current Match * Next Match Next Next Match (not shown on 2nd screen)